Searching for F W

My searching for great great grandfather continues. He lists nothing about his parents on any certificates and there is nothing listed by his wife of many years on his death certificate.

I have been searching for many years now and have several assumptions:

  1. He was orphaned at a young age-
  2. He was an illegitimate foundling
  3. He was fostered out at a young age and did not know his parents
  4. He did not want anyone to find out – in Poznan there was political unrest and civil riots which the Prussian government sought to prevent by various means
  5. He was born in another area than the town which he lists on his document


Basic searches have revealed little but today I did find some records in areas nearby to Zullichau, or Sulechow as it is not known. It is of course, a little difficult to read the Old German documents.


However I have several leads to follow on family search . com and eliminate from my possibilities now.

If I can find out the “social standing” or occupation of the parent it might confirm that it is the parents of my gg grandfather, who was a weaver, slipper and boot maker in the Prussian province of Silesia, which is now part of Poland, as it rightfully should be.

More to follow


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