Voyage to America?

Many immigrants set sail for America to find a better life particularly in the second half of the nineteenth century when industrialization meant a farming/ tradeseman existence was impossible unless you had a larger farm.

Did F W Schubert take a Trans-Atlantic trip before heading to Denmark?  In 1853, F W Schubert would have been around 23 years old  and lo and behold there is a 23 year old listed here. He would have had to return to Europe and land in Denmark two years later for this to be him. He fathered a child – which subsequently died in infancy in Clasonsborg, in 1855 ( To be verified), and Pauline was born in 1858.

All these people came from Germany, and were destined for the United States.( no more specific origin nor destination mentioned) and  his occupation was listed as a Weaver.

If I am to eliminate this, I must follow all F W Schubert in America to see if I can marry up his record or eliminate him. The dates he arrived in Denmark will tell me whether this is so.


Image Source: Google search

Image result for emigrant ship departing hamburg arriving new york 1853 rhein
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Hamburg around 1900 where many people left from for the New Lands


Arrival Date 21
Birth Date abt 1830
Age 23
Gender Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality German
Place of Origin Germany
Port of Departure Hamburg, Germany
Destination United States of America
Port of Arrival New York, New York
Ship Name Rhein
Search Ship Database Rhein
Frederich Schubert – Nov 1853 – New York, New York Hamburg, Germany – Male – Rhein
 Something to Ponder About

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