Eliminating the wrong F W Schubert

As I have had no success with finding a birth record anywhere, I have resorted to checking the births and potential parents information which will hopefully help me to place the potential parents and or identify illegitimate births or household members. It is a tedious task however I should be able to eliminate incorrect individual one by one with a strikethrough. Sources: Ancestry.com search – Dec 2016

Notes: Uehelich – illegitimate Ehelich – Legitimate  Traung- Marriage

Kries: Guben Stadt: Guben – Züllichau



Possibles Parents:

1.Johann Christian Schubert and Ernstine Pauline Schulz


2.  Moritz Schubert  and Ernstine Henschel  Birth 28 Aug – 1827 – Berlin


3. F W Schubert – Born 13 Feb 1822, Baptism 17 Feb 1822 Evangelical Church Brandenburg

City District Chojna u Debno   – c 200 k from Züllichau

Preusaen armee Husaren Regiment 03 Infanterie Regiment 35 and 3

Far: Christian Frederich Schubert   Mor: Marie Elizabeth  geb. Heinrich


4. Anna Dorothea Bircken – age 28 in 1824 so 24 in 1830

Johann Christian Schubert Born 1794   married @ 30 in 1824 so 36 in 1830 (his far George Schubert )

Anna and Johann were the only people living in the household when the child was born

and were in Babimost.


5. Johann Gottfried Schubert born 1794

He died in 1838, aged 44,

in Wormlage Brandenburg and had a relative Marie Dorothee Potzch


6. Joh Gottfried Schubert age 42 in 1838 s0 34 in 1830 and Anna Roseina Pudritzke 27 in 1838 so 19yrs in 1830

Mor: Dorothea Pudritzke, Przytoczna, Lubuske, Poland

Married in Prittisch Schwerin an der Warthe, Posen now Prztocana, 44 miles north of Zielona gora , Mor Joh Gottf. and Anna R in household

7. Johannes Martin Schubert* Age 26 ,Born 1812

(Traung) Marriage: Nov 5 1838 Züllichau, Schwiebus, Brandenberg.

*He had a male child that died in 1843


Johannes Christiane Rothe (* had male child that died with Johannes Martin in 1843 and subsequent boys that died in Züllichau in 1844 and Henrich Albert who died aged 8 in 1848

Maria Elisabeth Rothe

Maria Elisabeth Caldaun ( mother )

Joh Martin Schubet ( Far)

Johannes Martin Schubert

At New Stettin – Kreis

Emigrants of Old Lutherans

 to Australia – 1838 from Klemzig and Züllichau and Moestchen and 1841 – Schubert from Niedewitz

to America 1839

There was a superintendent who was  named Schubert in 1838 in Zülllichau

Johann Christian Schubert b 1787 Tageloehner – cloth maker from Moetchen/Züllichau Emigrated 1838 to SA

Joh Gottfried Schubert b 1812 Tageloehner – from Niederwitz/ Züllichau emigrated 1844 

Listed in the old Lutheran book:

Friedrich Traugott Schubert – journeyman cloth weaver (Tuchmacher)from Stadt Guben, Züllichau wanted to emigrate with his other co-religionists

8. Tot Geboren Schubert  ( Stillborn) 

Born 16 Marz 1830 Ober Gorzig, Gorzyca Polen

to Christian Schubert and Anna Maria (born Baegen) No godparents/witnesses

was a FEMALE BIRTH  >  Eliminated Child

9. Also ELIMINATED AS parent of F W Schubert who was 4 in 1854,as too young in 1830, from Lamerpsdorf in Prussia.


Ernst G. T Schubert 42
Hanna Eleonore Schubert 41
Carl Wilhelm Schubert 7
Fried. Wilhelm Schubert 4
Carl Eduard Schubert 2
Fried. Wilhelm Schubert
Gender: männlich (Male)
Departure Age: 4
Birth Date: abt 1854
Residence: Lampersdorf, Preußen (Germany)
Departure Date: 8 Mai 1858 (8 May 1858)
Port of Departure: Hamburg
Port of Arrival: Port Adelaide
Ship Name: Victoria
Captain: Tönnissen, C. P.
Shipping Clerk: Dieseldorff & Co.
Shipping line: Joh. Ces. Godeffroy & Sohn

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