I found Juliane – to a point

My great great Grandmother Dorothea Marie Gammelmark, was working as a servant in Holstebro for a wagon maker, in the town,when the apprentice, (whom I think was the master’s son) got the single servant girl pregnant with a little girl, named Juliane Christensen, and named her father as Christen Torning. The Torning or Thorning family were from Kragerø in Norway.


However, for whatever reason, Dorthe and Christen did not marry. Perhaps as a servant she was felt to be of a lower class than Christen and was banished to return home to her mother Dorthe Andersdatter in her home village of Sonder Felding, where the church assisted her with welfare support as a single mother. Perhaps she returned home not knowing she was pregnant until it was too late. One thing can be sure, the father was Christen Torning as the times align for her to be in Holstebro at the time she fell pregnany and she emphatically named her although he had possibly abandoned her and never claimed the child.

Within a few years, Dorthe was again employed at the Clasonsborg Textile Fabrik (factory), where my great great grandfather worked as a Slipper maker and or Weaver. He married Dorothea in 1858, after she fell pregnant again with their child ( which unfortunately died in infancy), and also adopted Juliane, by marriage.


However, I had lost track of Juliane as she grew-  after she turned 12 there was no mention of her in the census. Today, following some more church records, I have found Juliane Christening records in Vejle! She was apparently working in another Fabrik, – at Engelsholm, which was a paper  and textile mill at the time of her Confirmation.


Info from Wiki:

Randbøldal Museum

 North of the city are Randbøldal Museum, which is housed in one of Denmark’s first factories, the mansion-like Engelsholm Paper Mill. It was built in 1732 and used hydro power for the production of paper and later textiles – as a dress factory. The workers lived on site. The factory was rebuilt in 1875 after a major fire. The museum has exhibits about energy and its history..


It is possible that she married, although I have yet to distinguish between her and another possible ‘her’ up north at Skagen and Aalborg.

Something to Ponder About


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