Danish Immigration to the New Worlds – Bronx, Danish settlements in USA

What was the impetus for our forefathers to seek a completely new home on the other side of the world?

Perhaps the reasons why our forefathers immigrated to America was also the reason many also travelled to Australia? Some travelled due to  missionaries advocating a new faith, Mormonism in America, and these missionaries spread their word in Copenhagen around 1850. These settlers trekked to Utah.

To travel without hope of return, to strange lands where they knew neither the language nor the customs must be akin to us travelling to another planet in modern terms. They were bold, they were brave, perhaps naive, but the reasons why they came have been lost in time.

We can only suppose why, for money, hope of a better life, escape from religious persecution, freedom from war, or other constraints, to have one’s own land? I have some connection in my family to immigrants to united states, but why did mine choose Australia? And some descendants married Americans, went to live in the states, in Utah, and became mormons…. ironically. However, this was much later, in the twentieth century.

For anyone with ancestry abroad, and surely that is a lot of us living in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Africa and South America… this is truly

Something to Ponder about….



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