DNA Matches – What will it mean?

Identity by descent can be considered according to population genetics theory. All individuals have common ancestry in the distant past, and we all have short, old IBD segments in common. For the purposes of genetic genealogy the focus is on detecting large IBD segments within a genealogical timeframe (effectively within the last ten generations) where … More DNA Matches – What will it mean?

Why did they leave?

  There has been much supposition by descendants as to why ancestors leave their homeland and embarked on a new life in a foreign land. Apart from the obvious reasons – unemployment and economic distress, being conscripted into the military, and displacement from war itself, there is also the consideration of Famine. During the  period … More Why did they leave?

A Possible Marriage

Searching through some oblique Ancestory references, I found this: A record of F W Schubert Friedrich Wilhelm Schubert was born on 18 April 1830, in ? – maybe Zullichau, the son of Marie. He was baptized on 2 May 1830. He married Regine Florentine Foost on 21 June 1853 in Gdansk, Pomerania, Poland. I have … More A Possible Marriage

Danish Immigration to the New Worlds – Bronx, Danish settlements in USA

What was the impetus for our forefathers to seek a completely new home on the other side of the world? Perhaps the reasons why our forefathers immigrated to America was also the reason many also travelled to Australia? Some travelled due to  missionaries advocating a new faith, Mormonism in America, and these missionaries spread their … More Danish Immigration to the New Worlds – Bronx, Danish settlements in USA