Danish records you can search online

Today I searched the Danish archives online and found birth, death, marriage and confirmation information for my Schubert family.  The confirmation records were particularly invaluable as they tell you where the family was living at the time. For your information: At this site https://www.sa.dk/brug-arkivet/ao/arkivalieronline you can search through the databases, police records, and historical censuses … More Danish records you can search online

Voyage to America?

Many immigrants set sail for America to find a better life particularly in the second half of the nineteenth century when industrialization meant a farming/ tradeseman existence was impossible unless you had a larger farm. Did F W Schubert take a Trans-Atlantic trip before heading to Denmark?  In 1853, F W Schubert would have been … More Voyage to America?

Article on Naming traditions in Germany

Guest Post: German Names…and More German Names by Esther · October 10, 2016 As with many aspects of German genealogy, naming customs varied between the first wave of immigration to America (which lasted until the Revolutionary War) and the second wave (from 1800 to the First World War). From the point at which church records begin (usually … More Article on Naming traditions in Germany


Near Wroclaw, there is a town called Bolkow, with a wonderful medieval castle, partly in ruins, but with a connection to a Schubert family.  Is this relevant to my Schubert ancestor? It is the right area, but is that enough? Possibly but possibly not…. But then I read the towns history: Originally, Bolków was a … More Bolkow?